The history of ESXDOS: the firmware on the DivMMC EnJOY!

Two years ago I wrote an article about the complete history of ESXDOS.
It was meant to be published in Suc-Session or SPC  newsletter.
As it got being delayed, I posted the article at World of Spectrum, but simply never thought to post it here on
So it’s about time 😉

A must read for all ZX Spectrum enthusiasts!

The history of ESXDOS: the firmware on the DivMMC EnJOY! (click)


Connecting PC floppydrives to a Shugart (retrocomputer) disk interface

I often get questions about wiring PC floppydrives to a Shugart compatible floppy disk interface, which was the most used standard in the 80s.
So I decided to post the solution for this.

Underneath you will see two wiring diagrams:
1. Wiring PC floppydrives to a PC with a standard PC floppy cable: wires 10-16 are twisted before Drive A
2. Wiring  PC floppydrives to a retro computer with Shugart disk interface: wires 10-12 need to be twisted before Drive 0

So for using a PC floppydrive on a Shugart interface, the easiest solution (without having to solder on a PC drive) is to twist wires 10-12.

If like me you have a bunch of PC floppydrive cables you want to use for wiring PC floppydrives to a Shugart interface, it indeed implies that the twist on wires 10-16 must be removed and only wires 10-12 need to be twisted.
I have a stock of new 34 pin IDC floppy connectors for that, and use a vise to apply them to the cable.

Shugart vs IBM floppy

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