New “NMI Navigator” (NMI.sys) for ESXDOS

Out of the blue david_ps on has developed a new NMI system for ESXDOS.
The most important new features:
– Support for Kempston joystick
– Poke feature from NMI navigator

At the time of writing he’s at version 0.0.14, which sounds ‘early’, but it seems to be quite complete already!

Some more features of the current version:
– Extra features to load TRD files
– Mount up to 4 TRD drive images!
– Smaller font – now let’s hope ESXDOS 0.9 with LFN is out soon (Long File Name support should be integrated into ESXDOS first before it can be used by the NMI Navigator).

Keep an eye on his ESXDOS Board thread:

Here are some screenshots I just took (yes, I should have connected the ZX-HD 😉 ).

The new NMI Navigator running on a DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE:

The Help-menus (by pressing ‘H’ in the NMI Navigator):

Info about the current version, ESXDOS version, and the machine it is running on is shown:

Easy poking! Finally!

Press ‘P’ and enter address and value:



ZX-HD page

Now online: the webpage about the ZX-HD!


  • The history of the ZX-HD
  • Everything about the features (coming soon)
  • Manuals, firmware updates, etc (coming soon)
  • Troubleshooting (coming soon)



ZX-HD case and pcb development ready!

Here’s some news a lot of people are waiting for – about the development of the ZX-HD:

The case has been designed and prototypes are on the way.
And the board design has been finished as well.

If the two match as designed, production will start!
I may have them available before the end of this year.

zx-hd-post-1-jpgzx-hd-pcb-back zx-hd-pcb