divmmc mini square

Brand new DivMMC EnJOY! *mini*



Product Description

 divmmc mini square
The affordable storage interface for any ZX Spectrum!

Small and very easy to use!

Comes with esxdos

Full size SD card

Easy DIP switch block for configuration

In the box

– The DivMMC EnJOY! *mini*
– 8GB SD card including system tools, demos and more
– Printed manual – read the manual here!


The DivMMC EnJOY!  is fully compatible with all Sinclair ZX Spectrum models:
16K, 48K, 48K+, 128K, +2, +2A, +2B, +3 and some clones.

The DivMMC EnJOY!  is not compatible with the Spanish Investronica ZX Spectrum 128K.


– Comes with the best software: ESXDOS
– Compatible with all ZX Spectrum models: 16K, 48K, 128K, +2, +2A, +2B and +3
– Reset switch
– NMI button for a quick file access
– Very fast: load games in seconds!
– FAT and FAT32 compatible – easy file transfer!
– Support for various emulator formats: .TAP, .SNA, .TRD and more!
– New and easy BASIC commands and many fun and useful tools!
– Create snapshots to continue a game later!
– Write support to SD card with easy commands!
– Updates are still being developed; installing an update is easy!

Want more games?

The first stop for obtaining ZX Spectrum games is World of Spectrum:

Visit www.worldofspectrum.org to download lots of games and other software!


Alternative DivMMC EnJOY! with joystick interface

If you want a more complete solution, check out the webshop for the DivMMC EnJOY! with joystick interface!

Additional Information

Weight 0.060 kg
Dimensions 15 x 20 x 3 cm


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