Get a MB02 for free!

‘It’s real’ they said:

Yes, RealSpectrum is one of the best ZX Spectrum emulators out there, though some of its features only work on a older machine with a 16 or 32 bit version of Windows98/XP.

But, it made it possible to get to use the MB02 interface for free!

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Spectranet! The one and only Ethernet interface for the ZX Spectrum

In case you missed it: Spectranet is coming up (again)!

This is the only Ethernet interface for the ZX Spectrum with an awesome amount of software support:
– Great BASIC extensions: connect to a server without the need of loading additional software
– Browse through filesystems with very easy to use commands!
– Load games and other software directly from the internet!
– Set up a public or personal server with the available tools!

Dylan Smith developed this interface years ago, but the community is finally ready for it!
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Using a ZX Spectrum 48K ROM on a Harlequin 128

If you want to build and use a Harlequin 128 kit, but can’t find a ZX Spectrum 128K ROM (such as the Toast Rack one), you can just use a ZX Spectrum 48K ROM instead.

This will run any game without any problem, as shown in this video:

48K ROMs are way more easy to obtain (though we sometimes offer a couple of original Toast Rack ROMs in the webshop).

Underneath some photos of the small modification needed for using a 48K ROM in a Harlequin 128 board.
So you will need to solder a wire from pin 14 to pin 27, and bend pin 27 outside so it won’t go into the ROM socket on the Harlequin board: