Dual Floppy Drive set improvements

The Dual Floppy Drive sets are still selling well.
I keep ordering new old stock drives from time to time.

Do you know how much effort is put in to manually craft these?
Let me show you.

Also, I’ve made some small improvements today because of some feedback I received, take a look!

The photo above shows some of the tools used to manually craft each of these Drive sets.
The Dremel and saw are used to carefully cut ot the front hole, which is then filed.

The first improvement I will make from now on are adding two spacers: because of how the set is assembled, often the space between the shells at the front is slightly bigger than at the back.
The two spacers make sure the distance will keep even in the future:

This is the result:

Another improvement is the way I fix the Floppy ribbon cable.
In the past I used glue on both sides of the cable at the shell edge, which was noticeable from the outside.
I will use super glue inside only, to mount the cable to the case:

As you can see in the photo above, I solder the power wires directly to the drives.
Using a connector may cause problems in the future, especially since the drives are not meant to take apart.

You may wonder why it can’t be taken apart. Well, that’s easy: there is no better suitable case on the market for these drives.
I’ve looked over and over again, but this is really the best (standard) case.

But the screw holes at the front of the this case are to close to eachother to have the drives in between.
That’s why I cut and file away the screw holes.
To be able to close the case, I use double adhesive tape, which makes it fit perfectly.

After completing the assembly, the result is this:

Hope you like it!

There are a lot of enthusiasts that still like working with Floppy disks.
It’s a true nostalgic experience.

These Dual Floppy drives work with any Shugart (retrocomputer) Disk interface.
So for ZX Spectrum Disk interfaces, but also for Sinclair QL, and lots of other brands like BBC.

Get over to ZXSpectrum.shop to order one!

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