New interfaces coming up!

The PlusDlite v2014.1 is under development; board just arrived. This version doesn’t have a CPLD as I have not yet debugged that one yet.
So it has components comparable to the original PlusD, but it’s smaller, cheaper, includes a joystick interface, and is black of course!

It’s also the first interface showing on it!

Further news:

  • The PC Keyboard Interface will soon be listed on eBay.
  • The DivMMC EnJOY! Black and White Editions will soon be listed on eBay.
  • I’m buying 100 floppy drives for 50 more Dual Floppydrive sets!
  • I’m thinking of making a video of my Sinclair C5 project; I bought one that needs a lot of work. Encourage me!

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