Sam Coupe drive capacitors

I’ve made some photos with details of the SMD capacitors used on the Sam Coupe disk drives.
I hope to be able to add the package specifications as well.

I’ve seen two revisions of the circuit boards inside the drives.
One has 3 capacitors and the other four, hence here you have 2 photos with the specs.

And underneath the photos you will find part numbers at Farnell or Mouser (not tested myself yet when writing this post, parts are on their way).

Farnell part numbers:

22uF 16V 5mm – Farnell: 2611359
1uF 50V 4mm BIPOLAR! – Mouser: 647-UWP1H010MCL
2.2uF 35V 4mm BIPOLAR! – Farnell: 2326177 / Mouser: 667-EEE-1VA2R2NR
10uF 16V 4mm – Farnell: 2901318

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