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8 October 2019

As you may have read just over a week ago on our Facebook channel (click this link), we at ByteDelight needed to pause production for a moment, since it was finally clear that we couldn’t keep up with orders anymore the way we did it until now.

Who runs ByteDelight?

ByteDelight is currently run by me, Ben Versteeg, and my wife.
We are not planning on taking employees or moving to a bigger space yet.
It’s not that we don’t want to, but as long as we can do this from our current space without the added complexity of taking care of employees and an external space, we will continue here (it’s lovely being able to drink our own fresh coffee).

(Semi-) Automated production line

In december last year we ordered and received a pick and place machine, which we should have bought way earlier when we had more time.
We did do some initial runs with the PRO ONE interface on it, but also knew some more setup work was needed to make it more efficient, be able to do more products on it and avoid defects because of the still unmodified manually operated reflow oven.

So during the last months we did all production work manually again.
But the demand was progressively increasing up to the level of which we can now simply say is impossible to keep up with manual production.

Another reason to step over to automated production is the requirement for businesses to solder lead-free.
This is something that is a lot tougher to do by hand with small pitched SMD (surface mounted) parts.
The semi-automated production line does this without much hassle.
It’s a semi-automated production line because we still need to manually assemble some connectors, and of course do testing, rework if needed, and packiging.

So we decided to finish the production line instead of doing any more manual production work, knowing very well that we would get some complaints of people that are waiting for their orders.

We are very sorry for that!

Really, it frustrates me a lot that I am keeping people waiting, I am very very sorry.
But we hope you can forgive us because of the above reasons.

Order status

As we are writing this, we are finally shipping out about all orders from the end of September up to now.
We still need to finish some niche products like Dual Floppy Drive sets, Rainbow LED cases and assembled Harlequin boards.

Also about 15 Spectranet interfaces need to be assembled – we will work on adding Spectranet to the production line configuration this week, and hope to ship them out at the beginning of next week (14 October).
It’s very unwise for us if we would decide to do these manually otherwise, as you can imagine.


Underneath you will find some photos of our workplace.
We still need to do some minor improvements, but we think we can use the place like this for the next years, whatever new products we decide to add to our assortment.


Thank you for reading this,

Ben Versteeg


Finally assembling PRO ONE interfaces on the semi-automated production-line at the end of September 2019:

The new manual / rework setup with extraction hood (finished this week):

Our beloved pick and place machine:

2 thoughts on “ByteDelight Production Line status

  1. Thank you for reporting the reason for the delay in orders. This is a really important and worthwhile reason. You are doing useful and cool things and I am glad that your business is booming. It’s nice to see that Speccy lovers are still very much alive!

    I will humbly wait for my order (ZX-AY External) and hope to be sent soon. 🙂

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