ZX-HD Raspberry Pi Zero pin header solder service

The ZX-HD comes without needed Raspberry Pi Zero. The reason for this is that any manufacturer that sells a product with HDMI connector should get an expensive HDMI licence. Also the Raspberry Pi Zero is still only available as one-per-customer.

Because of this the ZX-HD is sold without Raspberry Pi Zero.
If you can obtain one in our webshop (click to check stock), get that one.

Otherwise you should get one from Pimoroni.com or Pihut.com, but those come without the 2×20 pin header block soldered.

ByteDelight offers a free service of soldering the pin header block to your Raspberry Pi Zero if you send us your Raspberry Pi Zero.
If you want to take advantage of this service, you can order your ZX-HD from our webshop and ship your Raspberry Pi Zero (with antistatic bag) in e.g. a (bubble) envelope to:

Iserelaan 6
5627NL Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Include a note with your name and ByteDelight webshop order number (if you already ordered it)!

Sending your Raspberry Pi Zero is at own risk.

Reminder! You will still need to assemble the ZX-HD kit with a small Phillips / cross-recess screwdriver, as otherwise it won’t be possible to ship it in a letterbox for low shipment costs.