Spectranet – The Ethernet interface for the ZX Spectrum

Last updated: 3 Sep 2018

What is Spectranet?

Spectranet is the one and only ethernet interface for the ZX Spectrum!
It’s developed by Dylan Smith.

What is TNFS?

It’s a communication protocol developed by Dylan Smith for Spectranet and the ZX Spectrum.
It allows a ZX Spectrum with Spectranet to connect to a PC through ethernet, looking like you’re loading a webpage on your ZX Spectrum.

Some websites about Spectranet

  1. Main website: https://faqwiki.zxnet.co.uk/wiki/Spectranet
  2. Project website: http://spectrum.alioth.net/doc/index.php/Main_Page
  3. Version of Brendan Alfords diagnostics for Spectranet: https://github.com/brendanalford/zx-diagnostics/wiki/Spectranet
  4. A Spanish website for Spectranet: http://spectranet.speccy.org/

TNFS hosts

  1. http://zx.kupo.be/
  2. Work is being done to create a TNFS host to access PLATOTerm, more info here