ZX Spectrum and interfaces power consumption

It’s important to consider the power usage on the 5V line supplied by the ZX Spectrum, as the voltage regulator inside the ZX Spectrum has a limited maximum current.

Some measurements:

ZX Spectrum 48K without peripherals 0.40 A (max 1 A)
ZX Spectrum 128K toastrack / +2 without peripherals 0.75 A (max 2A)
ZX-HD with Raspberry Pi Zero 0.14 A
ZX-AY 0.10 A
DivMMC EnJOY! *mini* 0.08 A
DivMMC EnJOY! with GAL (until v2015.x) 0.12 A
DivMMC EnJOY! with joy CPLD (v2017.x and newer) 0.10 A
DivIDE 0.21 A
Kempston Joystick interface 0.06 A
K-Mouse Turbo (2008) 0.12 A
PlusDlite 0.27 A
Interface 1 + Microdrive 0.05 A
Interface 2 + DIAG ROM 0.01 A