ByteDelight production planning and status

Backlog status

27 March 2021

Update time!


  • Process all messages a couple of days ago
  • Get taxes sorted out


  1. Process all new messages
  2. Keep up with production
  3. Finish all repairs before 11 April
  4. Produce PRO ONE interfaces

During the next 3 weeks, I have *7* more days to work on ByteDelight.
I have to use that time for:

  • A couple of days, like 3 or so, to change the software that creates the bookkeeping export, to a completely new format
  • Produce PRO ONE interfaces
  • Do repairs


New routine

6 december 2020

As you may have read in the underneath post, I’ve taken on a fulltime job again.
I’ve been doing my new job for three weeks now, and I’ve been working hard to find a new routine.
I know it has taken too long, but am now once again back on repairs and production – during the workweek in the morning and afternoon mainly, and more in the weekend.
So ByteDelight unfortunately gets a little less time, but still has my dedication!
Check out my live streams every week!

One other reason that it took some longer to continue work for ByteDelight, is that in the last week of November, my son was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 – the type that strikes without a cause, and potentially on any age.
So that is quite a change, but we’re doing relatively well now.

ByteDelight and being employed

21 October 2020

Because of the worldwide pandemic and economic impact, people are starting to get more careful what to spend their money on, which is totally understandable.
Then also Brexit is around the corner.
This is making doing ByteDelight for a living a lot harder in the near future.

So in October 2020 I’ve decided to take an software development  job for a stable financial basis for my family.
I will start with that job during November.

But don’t worry – ByteDelight will continue!
However, first I need to process all open orders, repairs and other custom requests – preferable before I start at the new job.
So many products are ‘out of stock’ to achieve that.
After that’s done, I will produce batches of products which I will offer by raising the stock levels again when the products are actually available.

If you want to know more, please check out my YouTube video:


Production and repairs live on YouTube

I often stream live on YouTube doing all kinds of production work and repairs and more.
So subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the notification icon!


About ByteDelight

ByteDelight is fulltime run by me, Ben Versteeg, and my wife.

We started ByteDelight in 2014 and been doing that fulltime since 2018.
We have no employees, but we do have a semi-automated production street with pick-and-place machine and reflow oven.