ByteDelight status

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Updated: 26 Jan 2022

At this moment there is a backlog of:

  • over 100 emails and at least two dozen Facebook messages that need to be processed
  • over 30 repairs waiting to be worked on
  • a huge amount of bookkeeping related activities that need to be taken care of very soon now

Please see this video in which I explain how I am handling this amount of work:

About ByteDelight

ByteDelight is run by me, Ben Versteeg, with the help of my wife and son from time to time.
I started ByteDelight in 2014 and been doing that fulltime since 2018.
In 2020, because of Brexit and the corona pandemic, I had to decide to get an IT job again, so I’m doing ByteDelight 3 days a week now.

We have no employees, but we do have a semi-automated production street with pick-and-place machine and reflow oven.

Production and repairs live on YouTube

I often stream live on YouTube doing all kinds of production work and repairs and more.
So subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the notification icon!