ByteDelight production planning and status

Updated: 20 September 2020

About ByteDelight

ByteDelight is fulltime run by me, Ben Versteeg, and my wife.

We started ByteDelight in 2014 and been doing that fulltime since 2018.
We have no employees, but we do have a semi-automated production street with pick-and-place machine and reflow oven.

Production and repairs live on YouTube

I often stream live on YouTube doing all kinds of production work and repairs and more.
So subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the notification icon!


2020 was, and still is, a tough year.
We’ve had a big lack of sales when the coronavirus started to affect society worldwide.
But then, when people stayed home, sales rocketed sky-high, causing a huge backlog at ByteDelight, and huge delays because of that.

Production status

We now (20 September) finally catched up with production, except for a couple of manually crafted products and some Spectranet interfaces for which we are sourcing rare parts.
So we just need to keep up with orders, which is our primary goal.


We still have a huge amount of custom jobs: repairs and requests.
Some have been waiting for months, I’m very sorry for that!
We will finish these in the next weeks.


Because of the insane amount of work, we have had about no moment for working on new products.
But that will be picked up as soon as possible as well.