Production backlog

What’s up?

Updated: 6 December 2023

As the banner above states, we’re currently working on finishing the production backlog after the Black Friday weekend.
We will also use these weeks to finish all repairs.

We will reopen the shop with a clean slate!

Production backlog

Updated: 6 December 2023

Open orders* are waiting for:

13x ZX-HD
2x ZX-AY
1x Spectranet
2x Dual Floppy
1x PlusDlite
2x ZX Diag Cart DIY
2x ZX Diag Cart ASS
2x K-Mouse Turbo
3x +2A/+3 PSU
7x 9V PSU
6x Rainbow LED
2x 48 board
2x Harl 48 Large
2x Harl 48 Assembled
3x Harl 128 Large
1x Harl 128 Assembled
1x Harl 48 RGB
4x Joy Adapt
1x ZX rubber or Plus case
1x Iss2 Capacitor kit
3x Iss3 Capacitor kit
2x 16 to 48K upgrade kit
Total: 77

*A lot of these products have been picked already, but some orders are waiting for a product that needs to be finished, so not everything shown needs to be produced to complete orders.

The PRO ONE’s are almost done.
The PRO MINI’s and ZX-HD’s are ready, pending testing.
The K-Mouse Turbo interfaces, ZX Diag Cart DIY kits, 9V PSU’s, Iss2 Capacitor kits, Iss3 Capacitor kits and 16 to 48K upgrade kit, are all on the shelves, ready to be picked next.

In progress:



5x ZX-AY
5x ZX Diag Cart ASS
4x Joy Adapt

Some of the products done:

Repair backlog

Updated: 8 Oct 2023

Repairs for 20 customers.


Total amount of products for open orders, and repairs*:

6 Dec ’23: 77 products and repairs for 20 customers
30 Nov’23: 103 products and repairs for 20 customers
21 Nov’23: 15 products and repairs for 20 customers
8 Oct’23: 18 products and repairs for 20 customers
2 Oct’23: 35 products and repairs for 20 customers
26 Sep’23: 36 products and repairs for 19 customers
13 Sep’23: 48 products and repairs for 19 customers
6 Sep’23: 41 products and repairs for 19 customers
24 Aug’23: 68 products and repairs for 19 customers
23 Aug’23: 67 products and repairs for 19 customers

*Note that the amount can increase when we get in more orders than that are shipped out.

About ByteDelight

ByteDelight is run by me, Ben Versteeg, with the occasional help of some family members, in their spare time.
I started ByteDelight in 2014 and been doing that fulltime since 2018.

We use a semi-automated production line with pick-and-place machine and reflow oven, but still do a lot of manufacturing by hand, which we love.

Production and repairs live on YouTube

I often stream live on YouTube doing all kinds of production work and repairs and more.
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