ByteDelight production planning and status

About ByteDelight

ByteDelight is fulltime run by me, Ben Versteeg, and my wife.

We started ByteDelight in 2014 and been doing that fulltime since 2018.
We have no employees, but we do have a semi-automated production street with pick-and-place machine and reflow oven.

Production and repairs live on YouTube

I often stream live on YouTube doing all kinds of production work and repairs and more.
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COVID-19 delays

Updated: 18 July 2020

We have clearly seen a trend in a lot of people getting back to their favorite hobbies of their youth, obviously since so many have had a lot of time on their hands at the beginning of 2020.
Throughout March to June we have been getting about 3x the amount of orders compared to last year.
Our backlog raised sky-high because of that – as the time of writing we have 150 orders to process, but we are completing about 20 a day now.

Production Backlog

Updated: 25 July 2020

Todo (in alphabetical sequence):

  • +2A/+3 PSU: ±5
  • 48 board: ±5
  • Dual Floppy: ±5
  • Harl 128 Assembled: ±3
  • Harl 128 Large: ±10
  • Harl 128 RGB: ±5
  • Harl 48 Assembled: ±2
  • Harl 48 RGB: ±1
  • Joy Adapt: ±10
  • PRO MINI: ±5
  • PRO MINI lite: ±5
  • PRO ONE: ±40
  • Rainbow LED: ±5
  • Repairs / Requests: ±25
  • Spectranet: ±5
  • Unrainer kit: ±5
  • ZX Diag Cart DIY: ±10
  • ZX Spectrum Plus case: ±2
  • ZX-HD: ±25

We are really trying to complete the oldest work first, but we do produce products in batches to work as efficiently as possible.