Using a AM29F040(B) FLASH ROM on a Harlequin 128K rev 2D

If you selected a AM29F040(B) FLASH ROM for your Harlequin 128K rev 2D*, it’s good to know the information presented on this page.
With this FLASH ROM chip you can store up to 8 different ROMs that can be selected by the onboard DIP switch (consult the Harlequin build manual for the DIP switch settings).

When using a DivMMC or Spectranet interface combined with the AM29F040(B) FLASH ROM on your Harlequin rev 2D board, make sure to COPY the contents of a 16KB or 32KB ROM image, into the empty space of a 64KB ROM bank in a AM29F040B chip, like shown underneath.
This is mandatory for use with the DivMMC or Spectranet, since these will address the upper half of a 64KB bank of the AM29F040(B) chip.

* Or other board that can use the AM29F040(B)