3D Print designs

Updated: 15 Novermber 2023

I designed some wonderful miniatures, which you can print yourself on your 3D printer!
Please leave a comment if you like the designs!

Desoldering tool rubber handle

A couple of years ago I bought this Japanese desolder pump, which is quite powerful.
But if used a lot, it’ll makes your hands hurt, and makes you lose grip since its surface is so smooth.

So I designed a simple grip for it, which perfectly fits (you can still open up the pump at both sides).
I used some superglue to keep it in place.
This way, the pump does a lot better job!

JetPac rockets

I need to finish the 4th rocket one day, but here are the first three!


ZX-AY case STL

This is for the ZX-AY version without screw holes.

Screw size: 2.6 x 12mm

Sinclair C5 v1.0 STL

Toastrack keychain v1.1 STL


ZX Spectrum toastrack v1.0 STL