ZX-HD page

Now online: the webpage about the ZX-HD!


  • The history of the ZX-HD
  • Everything about the features (coming soon)
  • Manuals, firmware updates, etc (coming soon)
  • Troubleshooting (coming soon)



ZX-HD case and pcb development ready!

Here’s some news a lot of people are waiting for – about the development of the ZX-HD:

The case has been designed and prototypes are on the way.
And the board design has been finished as well.

If the two match as designed, production will start!
I may have them available before the end of this year.

zx-hd-post-1-jpgzx-hd-pcb-back zx-hd-pcb


DivMMC EnJOY! with 2 SD card slots

A new revision of the DivMMC EnJOY! is coming up!
This new version has two SD card slots (second is just below the primary one).

The new DivMMC EnJOY! will also have the newly developed dual-standard joystick interface, which will support both Kempston Joystick and Sinclair Joystick (selectable with a DIP switch).
When you add an extra separate joystick interface (also available from ByteDelight), you can now play multiplayer games with two joysticks!

The new revision of the DivMMC EnJOY! has mainly SMD parts, so I will soon outsource production to keep up with the demand!


New dual-standard joystick interface

I have been developing a new joystick interface, using a modern Xilinx CPLD.
This joystick interface supports Kempston joystick and Sinclair joystick (‘Sinclair 1’), selectable by a DIP switch or jumper.

It will be integrated in the new revision of the DivMMC EnJOY! interface, coming in january.

img_20161118_194028 img_20161118_194043