Modern switching 9V 2A EU/UK PSU for ZX Spectrum 16/48/128K/+2 / Harlequin



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9V 2A PSU for ZX Spectrum 48/128K / Harlequin

With EU mains plug. Top grade, no noise.

If shipped to the UK, we’ll add a fused mains adapter plug.

Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz – can be used in US/AU with a simple mains adapter plug (not included).
Ouput: 9V 2A, cable length: 1.2-1.5m, DC plug polarity: center pin negative, like the original ZX Spectrum Power Supply.

Supported ZX Spectrum models:

  • ZX Spectrum 16K / 48K
  • ZX Spectrum 128K (‘toastrack’)
  • ZX Spectrum +2 (grey)
  • Harlequin 48K rev D and up and Harlequin 128K
  • And many other ZX Spectrum clones

NB: For the ZX Spectrum +2A /+2B / +3 you need another PSU, also available in this webshop!

This power supply has been tested and has the correct plug and polarity for the ZX Spectrum, so it is ready to use.

Offer is subject to placement errors.
Photo is for illustration only – we deliver top quality power supplies, but the brand may change from time to time.

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3 thoughts on “Modern switching 9V 2A EU/UK PSU for ZX Spectrum 16/48/128K/+2 / Harlequin

  1. how much power does +2 grey need i read it needs 1.86a ?

    how much does computer need in amps and how much does tape deck use in amps ?

  2. Just bought the 9V 2A PSU from you. It works perfectly on the ZX Spectrum 48K. Still using the old cassette tapes with the old Slipstream Data Recorder. But the problem with the PSU there is no cable with a switch. Always have to unplug the PSU to play another cassette tape (game). Is there a cable with a switch somewhere that can use on the 9V 2A PSU. Only see a 12V variant.

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