Complete original Plus case for ZX Spectrum incl. new membrane – Near mint #3


ZX Spectrum Plus case

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ZX Spectrum Plus case + new membrane – near mint! (#3)

This offer is for a used cleaned ZX Spectrum Plus case in good shape, with:
– All original rubber feet
– Original plastic springs and feet
– Original screws (for mainboard too)
– Original reset switch and cable
– A brand new membrane!

The case is cleaned thoroughly!

You can use this for an original ZX Spectrum mainboard, or the Harlequin rev G (48K) and rev 2D (128K) kit.

So why ‘near mint’?

There is a ‘smoothed out’ spot at the right side of the case, because of use over the years (hand palm rest).

It is not very noticable when using the keyboard.


Installation and troubleshooting information

Check out this page with detailed installation instructions, and help in case of troubleshooting.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
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