Complete refurbished ZX Spectrum with Rainbow Led case + PSU + DC switch cable + A/V cables



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This offer is for a completely refurbished ZX Spectrum 48K with the unique Rainbow LED case, fully assembled, so plug and play!
The case and parts, including membrane, are brand new, from RetroRadionics, and supplied by ZXRenew.

Shipped by registered and insured service.

A Piece of Art.

The Rainbow Led case came to life in a moment of creativity.
But it was made available after much demand!

This Rainbow Led case consists of a brand new white replica case with white rubber feet, screws and brand new keyboard membrane.

Due to high demand and the time needed to craft these cases, it can take a couple of days before it’s shipped after you order one.

Comes with..

– Fully refurbished original ZX Specturm board (see details underneath)
– Modern A-brand switching 9V power supply* with EU plug (we will add a UK adapter plug if you’re located in the UK)
– DC switch cable
– Composite video/audio RCA plug leads + SCART adapter
– 1 year warranty

*if you prefer an original ZX Power Supply instead for the same price, let us know when ordering.

Select your preferred board issue

When ordering, please let us know which board issue you prefer.
We have about all board issues in stock: 2, 3, 3B, 4, 4A, 4B, 4S and 6A.
You can leave a message at checkout.

If you don’t mind which board issue you get, we select a proper board version for you.


Fully refurbished board

The board will be fully refurbished:
– Composite video modification
– All new Vishay high quality blue electrolytic capacitors
– Recom / Traco Power modern DC-DC 5V switching voltage regulator
– Heatsinked ULA to increase its lifetime
– Repaired if needed and thoroughly tested with diagnostic cartridge
– Tested with DivMMC EnJOY!, DivIDE (performed NEC ROM fix if needed) and more



NEW! Now comes with matted case:

Completely dark environment (click for magnification):


Production process photo

This photo is of the old glossy cases (now replaced with matte ones).

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Board issue

Any board Issue from 3 up, Any board Issue from 4 up, Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 3B, Issue 4A, Issue 4B, Issue 4S, Issue 6A

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3 thoughts on “Complete refurbished ZX Spectrum with Rainbow Led case + PSU + DC switch cable + A/V cables

  1. I was thinking about putting together something along these lines after seeing an image on Google, but here you are… doing all the hard work for me and at a really nice price.
    That’s a really beautiful piece of work ❤️ Would look great beside my Rubik’s Cube lamp ?

  2. Great to see an option to purchase this in already assembled form. I wonder if the coloured LEDs can be re-oriented so instead of one colour per row, they are more like the spectrum logo, vertically slanted.

    • I’m working on several alternatives to make that possible (there may even be a programmable one!!).
      It will take some time though.


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