Completely refurbished ZX Spectrum 48K incl. cables and PSU



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Completely refurbished ZX Spectrum.
We select the best original ZX Spectrum case we have, and finish it with a new brand new metal faceplate!

You can select any board issue you prefer: 2/3/3b/4a/4b/4s/6a, or leave it up to us.

What else you get:

  • 100% repaired and refurbished:
    • All new Vishay capacitors
    • Recom modern DC-DC 5V switching voltage regulator to keep the ZX Spectrum cool
    • Added heatsink on ULA to increase its lifetime
    • Fully and thorougly tested with DivIDE, DivMMC, and more
    • Comes with comprehensive one-of-a-kind refurbish and test booklet
  • Brand new metal faceplate
  • Brand new keyboard membrane
  • Brand new top grade switching 9V PSU with EU or UK mains plug
  • All rubber feet on case
  • DC power switch
  • Composite audio / video lead + SCART adapter

So plug and play, for decades to come!

1 year warranty.

The photos underneath are an example: we have more than one in stock.

Brand new metal faceplate:

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Board issue

Any board Issue from 3 up, Any board Issue from 4 up, Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 3B, Issue 4A, Issue 4B, Issue 4S, Issue 6A

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