Completely refurbished ZX Spectrum 48K with black keys and glossy faceplate


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1 January 2019: Currently unavailble to create some time for development of new products and setting up our new production line to increase efficiency.
Will be availble in a couple of weeks again!

Completely refurbished ZX Spectrum 48K.
This one has a new black rubber keymat and a glossy faceplate.

Issue 4S board.
TR2 replaced with ZTX313 for sharper composite video output.
New Vishay capacitors.
Soldered heatsinked ULA to increase its lifetime.
Fully tested with DivIDE, DivMMC, and more.

1 year warranty.

Comes with:
– Switching 9V PSU (let us know if you prefer an original ZX Power Supply instead) with EU/UK/US/AU plug (we will include the one corresponding to your country)
– DC-DC switch
– Composite video/audio leads + SCART adapter

Our testing procedure:

Additional information

Weight 1.150 kg
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