Harlequin 48K rev G large DIY kit



Large Harlequin rev G -BLACK- kit with comprehensive manual and parts


The one and only -BLACK- Harlequin rev G DIY kit!

The Harlequin rev G is a completely compatible ZX Spectrum clone, but without the ULA.
You can build your own complete ZX Spectrum yourself!

The Harlequin kit consists only of through hole parts, making soldering easy (the three SMD parts are presoldered).
What you need to assemble the kit is:
– a soldering iron + solder
– basic skills and creativity
– some patience! The kit will keep you busy for several hours.

The included comprehensive assemly manual includes some important hints and lots of instructions.
Most parts are packed in bags with sequential numbers corresponding to the manual and this Bill of Materials (click).


This large kit consists of:

  • The (unassembled) Harlequin rev G printed circuit board
  • Presoldered SMD parts: AD724 RGB to NTSC/PAL Encoder, LM2596 voltage regulator and 68uH inductor
  • All parts (except ROM) to complete the Harlequin rev G
  • The ByteDelight complete and comprehensive 12 page DIY assembly guide to the Harlequin rev G!

No ROM is included – you will need a ROM / EPROM / EEPROM to get the Harlequin going, with ZX Spectrum BASIC or an alternative like the ZX Spectrum SE ROM.
ByteDelight has a small stock of original ROMs, check out the webshop – we’re not allowed to sell (E)EPROMs with ZX Spectrum ROM.
You can program an (E)EPROM yourself as well: the original ZX Spectrum ROM image is available e.g. here.

These are known working ROM types which can be used on this board, by configuring some jumpers:

  • Original ZX Spectrum ROM
  • 27128
  • 27256 / 27C256
  • 28C256

To use the finished Harlequin board, you will need:
– A ZX Spectrum ROM (some original ones might be available in the webshop, otherwise you can use the licence free SpectrumSE rom)
– A ZX Spectrum case with keyboard (e.g. rubber keys case or Plus case, but any other ZX Spectrum case will be fine too, like the DK’Tronics, Lo Profile or Saga)
– A TV with composite video or RGB input
– An RCA or RGB cable (RGB cable is available in the webshop)


Offer is subject to placement errors.

This is an unassembled kit! The photos are for reference.

The kit consists of all parts (except ROM):


.. and the board with 3 SMD parts already soldered:


.. and the comprehensive 12 page DIY guide with lots of hints and tips:


Assembled Harlequin rev G (this offer is for the unassembled kit!):IMG_20160205_152155

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
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One thought on “Harlequin 48K rev G large DIY kit

  1. This was a lot of fun! Everything was perfectly packaged and easy to assemble. The instructions were amazing, to the last detail. I even got use the diagnostic cart once I failed to completely solder one of the IC sockets 🙂 Overall A+++ Thanks very much Ben.

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