Harlequin 48K rev G *parts only set (no pcb)*


Large Harlequin rev G -BLACK- kit with comprehensive manual and parts



The parts for your Harlequin rev G DIY board

In case you bought the Harlequin rev G board separately, and need a complete set of parts.

Included with this parts set:

  • The comprehensive 12 page ByteDelight Harlequin rev G assemly manual, including important hints and lots of instructions
  • The 3 SMD parts of the Harlequin rev G: AD724 RGB to NTSC/PAL Encoder, LM2596 voltage regulator and 68uH inductor
  • All discrete parts packed in separate bags per component with sequential numbers corresponding to the manual and this Bill of Materials (click)
  • IC sockets
  • Integrated circuits in logical sequence

No ROM is included – you will need a ROM / EPROM / EEPROM to get the Harlequin going, with ZX Spectrum BASIC or an alternative like the ZX Spectrum SE ROM.
ByteDelight often has a small stock of original ROMs, check out the webshop – we’re not allowed to sell (E)EPROMs with ZX Spectrum ROM.
You can program an (E)EPROM yourself as well: the original ZX Spectrum ROM image is available e.g. here.

To complete and use a finished Harlequin system, you will need:

  • The Harlequin rev G board (not included with this offer – check out the other offers for a complete kit)
  • A ZX Spectrum ROM (not included)
  • A ZX Spectrum case with keyboard (e.g. rubber keys case or Plus case, but any other ZX Spectrum case will be fine too, like the DK’Tronics, Lo Profile or Saga)
  • A TV with composite video or RGB / SCART input
  • An RCA or RGB cable (RGB cable is available in the webshop)

Offer is subject to placement errors.



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Weight 0.5 kg
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