How to program an (E)EPROM


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This is not a product offer, but information of how to program (flash) an (E)EPROM.
As a business, we will not offer EPROMs with copyrighted software on them.


If you need to program an (E)EPROM such as M27C128, M27C256, AT28C256, AM29F040B or something else, there are several options.

For many retro computing enthusiasts, owning a universal programmer is a big must!
These can program (flash) parallel (E)EPROMs, GAL devices, PIC devices, and much more.

However, if you only need to program a chip once in a while, you could ask someone to do it for you.

Why ‘(E)EPROM’?
An EPROM, such as M27C128, is erasable by UV light, and requires a UV eraser to wipe – these are often very cheap, and can be found on eBay or AliExpress.
An EEPROM, such as AM29F040B, is erasable electronically, by a programmer.

Order a universal programmer

At this moment, the best bang for your buck, is most probably the T48 Universal Programmer.
These work though USB, up to Windows11.

Available at eBay or AliExpress:

AliExpress is most often the cheapest option, for just less than €50 including shipping.

Ask us to offer them in the webshop

We might get into contact with the supplier of the XGecu Universal Programmers, and try to get the best price.
If you are interested in that, please let us know through the Contact form.

Ask a friend

Ask someone with a (universal) programmer to do it for you.
Many (expecially retro) tech enthusiasts will have one!

Ask on a forum

There are some places where you could drop your request, such as:

Check your favorite forum to find a topic, or post a similar request.

Look for an EPROM programming service

You could Google for ‘EPROM programming service’.
There are some, such as:

If you want a service to be added to this list, let us know through the Contact form.

Hope for a cheaper programmer in the future

There are some hobby projects for a cheap EPROM programmer, such as:

Most of the time you need some more digging into, to get these working.
Hopefully there will be some like these that will get into an easy to use, final product.

Google for more ideas.

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2 thoughts on “How to program an (E)EPROM

  1. Hello. Do you have a current recommendation for this EEPROM programmer?

    The link doesn’t above doesn’t seem to show the product currently, and interested in getting one to program the Harlequin ROM.

    • It seems the cheaper versions of the TL866 (‘MiniPro’) are not available anymore, which is a real shame, since that is such a powerful device.
      I have been looking on eBay or AliExpress, and find some potential successors, but since I haven’t tested those, it’s hard to tell if they do at least the same as the original TL866.
      Maybe there is a completely different universal programmer available now, but I haven’t checked yet.
      It’s good to discuss this with others on a forum, or on Facebook.

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