Opus Discovery small maintenance kit (bridge rectifiers)


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This offer is for a set of two replacement bridge rectifiers for an Opus Discovery floppy disk system.
We offer the high quality Vishay VS-2KBB20’s.

The Opus Discovery is an add-on made in 1985 for the ZX Spectrum –  read more about the Opus Discovery here.

The original bridge rectifiers assembled from factory in a Opus Discovery system, are of poor quality.
With many users their Opus Discovery failed after adding a second Floppy disk drive, because the current drawn through these Bridge Rectifiers exceeded their maximum.
Many of the original bridge rectifiers bulge, and / or have visible melted plastic.

So it’s good as preventive maintenance of your Opus Discovery, to replace these bridge rectifiers.
If they fail, of course you will have to replace them anyway.
There aren’t many suitable replacement types available, hence we sourced them and offer them here.


The kit comes without assembly instructions, as they are straight forward enough:
Remove the old bridge rectifiers (using e.g. a tin sucker with your soldering iron) and install the new ones, minding the angled corner at one side of the bridge rectifiers for orientation.

Two of these will be in this replacement kit:

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