PlusDlite floppydisc interface with case + *Dual Floppy Drive + 10 disk set*



The PlusDlite Flopy Disk Interface
with professionally 3D printed case
Dual Floppy Drive set
5 disks filled with PlusDlite utilities + 5 empty disks

Add the fun of using floppies on a ZX Spectrum, for a truly nostalgic experience!

The PlusDlite Floppy Disk Interface

The PlusDlite is based on the succesful MGT PlusD floppydisc interface.
The PlusD and it’s big brother – the Disciple floppydisc interface – were the best floppydisc interface available back then.
They were fast, had a really easy to use BASIC syntax, and were compatible with the most advanced floppydrives at the time: up to 80 track DS DD drives, with a maximum capacity of 800KB.
The PlusD also had snapshot functionality integrated, and came in a decent metal case.

The PlusDlite has:

  • An integrated Kempston joystick port
  • RESET button
  • NMI (snapshot) button!

Read the PlusDlite manual online here!
More information can be found at the dedicated PlusDlite website; click here!

Read the Dual Floppy Drive Set manual here.

The Dual Floppy Drive set

  • Manually crafted!
  • Also works on e.g. PlusD, Disciple, Betadisk, QL and other machines with Shugart Flopp Disk interface like BBC etc.
  • Including EU / UK / US power supply (the type that is needed in your country is included)

The set

The set comes with 5 Double Density Floppy discs with PlusD utilities, and 5 empty formatted DD disks.


Shipped by registered and insured service.







Example setup photo (ZX Spectrum is not included with this offer):


We have some new photos from August 2020!

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
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