Repair and refurbishment service for your ZX Spectrum +2 (grey model) board




Send in your own ZX Spectrum +2 (grey model) mainboard for fixed price repair and refurbishment

Shipping costs specified are for return postage.

The refurbishment service excludes:

  • Replacement of the ULA chip in case it is not fully functional

The refurbishment service includes:

  • Necessary repairs
  • All new high quality electrolytic capacitors
  • Adding a heatsink to the ULA chip if it doesn’t have one already
  • Replacing the original 7805 regulator with a new 78S05 2A regulator
  • Composite video fix and quality improvement
  • Unrainer modification (see the unrainer mod kit (click) for more info)
  • Fully tested with:
    • Diagnostic cartridge
    • DivIDE interface
    • DivMMC EnJOY! interface
    • Tape loading

1 year warranty.
Shipped by registered and insured service.

Send us your machine to repair & refurbish

After ordering this service, please send your mainboard + heatsink with 7805 regulator (!) to:
Iserelaan 6
5627NL Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Please add a note with your name and address.

Make sure to take care of the packaging of the mainboard: if possible use anti-static material and bubbelfoil to protect against physical damage.

Again, send the heatsink with 7805 voltage regulator along with mainboard!


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
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