Spectranet Ethernet Interface *without case*



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The one and only ethernet interface for the ZX Spectrum!

Connect your ZX Spectrum to the internet!

Developed by Dylan Smith
who also developed the serverside TNFS software
(see info underneath)


Spectranet model

This is the offer for the Spectranet interface without case!
It will have rubber feet at the bottom to be properly aligned with the ZX Spectrum.



Read the Spectranet manual here!
A printed copy will be included with the interfaces.



TNFS is Spectranets best friend!

It’s the server-side software that can be run on a Windows, Apple or Linux machine.
You can use it yourself to host files on your personal network, or you can make your TNFS server available to Spectranet users worldwide!



We will test a affordable Wifi dongle very soon, that connects to the ethernet-socket of Spectranet.

More info will be published here and in the Spectranet Facebook group.


Facebook community

There is a very active growing community, currently about 400 members, that will be using Spectranet.

If you are a Facebook user, make sure to subscribe to this Spectranet Facebook group!


What will happen when I boot up my system with Spectranet?

We want to configure each Spectranet interface so that it automatically connects to a TNFS server, most probably: spectranet.bytedelight.com (we’re working on that).

On that server will be all known available other TNFS servers from the community – we will try to keep the list updated.

So we want you to be able to navigate to TNFS servers worldwide with ease!


If for some reason that will not work, the manual will help you out to get connected to any TNFS server.


Included with the Spectranet interface

Comes with free stereo jack adapter!

This is very useful when using the stereo audio output on a Harlequin 128 or other board with stereo output at the MIC output location, or just the mono sound from the MIC output.


A ethernet cable is not included (we might offer these in the webshop).



1 year warranty.


Shipment by registered and insured service.


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 3 cm
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