ZX-AY *Case Kit*



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ZX-AY Case Kit

To complete your bare ZX-AY Audio Interface for the ZX Spectrum, with a simple and cool case!

Available in Black and White!

Make sure to read the Compatibility paragraph to know if your ZX-AY is compatible with this case!

ZX-AY interface not included!


Some asked for a ‘pcb case’ kit for their ZX-AY that does not have a case yet, since we also offer the ZX-AY with a ‘pcb case’.
However, the ZX-AY version with that ‘pcb case’ has been slightly updated, like screw holes have been added.

The older ZX-AY that does not have screw holes, is not compatible with that ‘pcb case’.
Hence this case has been designed.


This ZX-AY Case Kit is compatible with the ZX-AY interface version, that does not have screw holes, as shown here:So this case will not fit the ZX-AY version with screwholes, the one with ‘pcb-case’.


ZX-AY interface is not included!

Have a 3D printer? You can print it yourself!

Here is a link to the STL file, to print the case yourself, for free!
Head over to our ByteDelight 3D Print Designs page to grab ‘m!

Screw size: 2.6 x 12mm

We print the case ourselves on a PEI plate, for a grainy top finish. But you can print the case on any surface you prefer.

Included with this ZX-AY Case Kit

This ZX-AY Case Kit comes with:
– The ZX-AY ‘filament 3D printed’ Case, which exists of a top shell and a bottom shell
– 2 screws

The cases we offer will get a couple of layers of spray paint on the top shell. This creates a better surface finish, and removes some imperfections.

There is no assembly manual included, since it’s that easy to put together:
Just slide the top shell over the left stereo output connector and pin header block, put on the bottom shell, and screw in the 2 screws.
You can clearly see on the photos how it should be assembled.

More photos

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 3 cm

Black, White

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