ZX Spectrum 16/48K ISSUES 3-6A Capacitor Replacement Kit




This offer is for a replacement capacitor kit for the ZX Spectrum 16/48K board isssues 3-6A.

Capacitors are pre-bent at the right size for easy assembly!

Find the board issue by opening your ZX Spectrum and checking the issue number written at the parts side of your ZX Spectrum board.

This kit is NOT for the ZX Spectrum 16/48K board issue 1 or 2 (issue 2 kit also available in this webshop).
This kit is NOT for any ZX Spectrum 128K, such as the toastrack, +2, +2A or +3.

Compatible board issues:

  • ZX Spectrum 16/48K issue 3
  • ZX Spectrum 16/48K issue 3B
  • ZX Spectrum 16/48K issue 4A
  • ZX Spectrum 16/48K issue 4B
  • ZX Spectrum 16/48K issue 4S
  • ZX Spectrum 16/48K issue 5 (if you’re a lucky owner..)
  • ZX Spectrum 16/48K issue 6A

The kit consists of:

  • 3x 1µF 16V Vishay Axial Capacitor
  • 1x 4.7µF 16V Vishay Axial Capacitor
  • 7x 22µF 16V Vishay Axial Capacitor
  • 2x 100µF 16V Vishay Axial Capacitor
  • Assembly manual with clear instructions

A soldering iron and some basic skills are required!
Additionally some new (preferably leaded) solder and a desolder pump are very helpful, as is solder wick to remove excessive amounts of solder.

The included printed manual (click to view) will guide you through the process.

Additional information

Weight 0.059 kg
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 2 cm
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