ZX Spectrum 16K to 48K memory upgrade kit



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This offer is for a kit to upgrade your ZX Spectrum 16K to 48K of memory.
For ZX Spectrum 16K board issues 2 and up (3, etc).

This kit consists of:

  • A set of 8 new 4164 RAM chips
  • 1x 74LS00 logic chip
  • 1x 74LS32 logic chip
  • 2x 74LS 157 logic chips
  • 2 small wires
  • An assembly manual

This kit assumes that the motherboard of your ZX Spectrum 16K has:

  • 8 unpopulated IC sockets for the memory upgrade
  • 4 unpopulated IC sockets for the required logic chips

Only  small wires need to be soldered.
The chips should be put into the IC sockets available on your board, without soldering.

All chips are tested in a real ZX Spectrum.
Brand and model change from time to time: we’ll ship what is in stock.

Read the manual here: ZX Spectrum 16K to 48K upgrade kit installation manual


Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 2 cm
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