Complete original ‘rubber’ case for ZX Spectrum with new faceplate + new membrane


Out of stock


1 January 2019: Currently unavailble to create some time for development of new products and setting up our new production line to increase efficiency.
Will be availble in a couple of weeks again!

ZX Spectrum ‘rubber’ case + new faceplate + new membrane

This offer is for a used ZX Spectrum ‘rubber’ case top and bottom, with all rubber feet, set of screws and original keymat.
The case has a brand new membrane and a brand new faceplate (black matt or glossy, you can choose)!

I only select good quality ones to offer, so the case and keymat are still in good shape.

I have plenty in stock, but the product is listed as ‘backorder’ as I need to prepare the case when you order one, meaning it will be thoroughly cleaned, all parts (including rubber feet) will be present, and completed with new membrane and new faceplate.
This will take a day or two only.

You can use this for an original ZX Spectrum mainboard, or for the Harlequin rev G and rev 2D kits (although the RGB connector of the Harlequin kit will be covered unless you cut an extra hole in the case).

The photo is an example: you will get whatever is in stock, but only good quality ones are offered.

Offer is subject to placement errors.




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Weight 1.150 kg
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