ZX-HD compatibility

The ZX-HD has succesfully been tested with:

  • ZX Spectrum 16K, 48K, 48K+, 128K, +2, +2A, +2B, +3, Harlequin clone
  • Interface 1 and Microdrive (ZX-HD can be in between or behind the Interface 1)
  • DivMMC EnJOY!
  • DivMMC EnJOY! *mini*
  • ZX-AY
  • DivIDE
  • Kempston Joystick interface
  • K-Mouse Turbo
  • PlusDlite
  • Interface 2

However it’s important to consider the power usage on the 5V supplied by the ZX Spectrum, as the voltage regulator inside the ZX Spectrum has a limited maximum current.
You will find measurements on this page (click).