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The DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE is now in stock!

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Page updates

  • 2 Nov 2017: launched this PRO ONE pre-order webpage
  • 5 Nov 2017: case design updates (see underneath) + added PRO ONE launch video
  • 10 Nov 2017: first express printed cases arrived! See the photos underneath.
  • 16 Nov 2017: case labels arrived, first interface completed! See the photos underneath.
  • 27 Nov 2017: the first pre-order batch is ready! See photos underneath.
  • 7 Jan 2018: the DivMMC EnJOY! is now in stock!

Erm, PRO What?

If you’ve pre-ordered the DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE: a big thank you for your support! Ok, that wasn’t really big, so another THANK YOU  then!

The DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE is the latest DivMMC interface from ByteDelight with lots of new features.

Any DivMMC EnJOY! interface enables you to load games and other software from SD card, with the blink of an eye! But you can also write files to SD card, such as creating a snapshot of the game you are playing so you can have dinner before it’s cold and return to the game later.
The DivMMC EnJOY! uses ESXDOS, with extended BASIC commands, and lots of cool features.
It has a built in browser (‘NMI menu’) that makes selecting a game very easy.

The brand new DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE has these specific features:

  • Autodetection of ZX Spectrum model
  • Independent of clock signal
  • Two configurable joystick ports
  • Two SD card sockets
  • Throughput edge connector
  • Very cool ‘toastrack looking’ case
  • Compatible with the +3e ROMs

So worry-free plug-and-play, which makes using the PRO ONE a real delight!

Even more info is found in the webshop link in the next paragraph.

So where can I obtain ONE?

Well, actually you can’t yet, but you can pre-order your DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE here.
More details of the current status of the pre-orders and estimated delivery time is found underneath.
If you like you can also check out the rest of the ByteDelight product range here.

Any questions are welcome!

If you want to contact me for anything, please do at the contact form.
I’ll do my best to reply as fast as possible!

28 Oct: PRO ONE launch at Spectrum35

The DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE was launched at the Spectrum35 event on 28 October in Cambridge.
Watch this funny PRO ONE teaser!

I actually just didn’t have enough time to get the interfaces available on that day, hence I started the pre-0rder.

What happened before the launch

A team of 5 testers have thoroughly been testing all details of the DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE. We have found it works with ALL ZX Spectrum models and even many other types like:
ZX Spectrum 16K, including several issue 1’s, issue 2’s, issue 4s, and many more
ZX Spectrum 48K
ZX Spectrum 48K+
ZX Spectrum 128K ‘toastrack’, including issue 6U
ZX Spectrum +2
ZX Spectrum +2A
ZX Spectrum +3
ZX Spectrum +3 with +3e ROMs
Investronica Spectrum+
Investronica ‘toastrack’ (without /CLK)
Harlequin Rev.G
Harlequin Rev.H
Sparrow Lite Rev.3 with NebULA
Spectra interface
ZX-HD HDMI interface

JustSpeccy 128 (with integrated DivMMC)
An issue with the Investronica Spectrum+ when combined with ZX-HD and PRO ONE (needs ZX-HD firmware update – pending)
Any interface that has a ROM, such as Multiface, PlusD, etc.

5 Nov: Final case design

I usually never say ‘final’, out of experience, but it is the design that is production ready.
So let’s get these ordered right away! Time is always against us…


10 Nov: First production cases

The first small batch of production cases arrived today, for some last checks before ordering a large batch.

The label design (with the rainbow) was also finished  today and a batch has been ordered.

16 Nov: case labels in – first finished case

The rainbow-labels for the case arrived today, so I checked how they look – I think it’s awesome!

I will go on getting the pre-order batch ready – I  really hope I can finish that this Saturday, which means I would be about 2 weeks ahead of schedule!

Oh, in ‘case’ you wonder why there are still DIP switches on this plug-and-play device, as it *is* plug-and-play, here’s the explanation: you can configure the joystick ports (choose between 3 sets or disable them) and disable ESXDOS with those (useful for e.g. the +3e ROMs).


27 Nov: pre-orders shipped from today!

I can finally ship about all pre-orders (there are A LOT), some already left, more will be shipped tomorrow.
But as more are coming in day by day, the latest of them will be shipped on Wednesday because I need to prepare some more cases.

7 January 2018: PRO ONE is in stock

Click here to get to the webshop!