Metal plug modern switching 5V+12V replacement PSU for ZX Spectrum +2A/+2B/+3




Modern switching replacement power supply for the ZX Spectrum +2A/+2B/+3.

This is a replacement for a defective or unserviced original ZX Spectrum +2A/+2B/+3 PSU.
Using an unserviced original power supply for these models, will very likely sooner or later cause damage to your ZX Spectrum and add-ons (it’s no problem using a serviced original PSU).
During the last years we’ve had several customers with defects caused by an unserviced power supply for these ZX Spectrum models.

Main features:

  • ON/OFF switch – no need to unplug the PSU anymore!
  • Comes with a set of worldwide mains plugs
  • Best looking replacement PSU ever – high quality vinyl label!
  • A-brand, top quality, no noise.


  • ZX Spectrum power plug type of this PSU version: metal (plastic plug version also available)
  • Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Ouput: 5V+12V 1-2A (no -12V, see note underneath)
  • Cable length: 110cm from wall to PSU unit, 20cm from PSU unit to ZX Spectrum

Supported ZX Spectrum models:

  • ZX Spectrum +2A/+2B  (black ZX Spectrum +2 model, not the grey one)
  • ZX Spectrum +3

NB: For the ZX Spectrum 16/48K / 128K+ / grey +2 and other ZX Spectrum models and clones, you need another PSU also available in this webshop!
NB: If you’re using the RS232 or MIDI port of a ZX Spectrum +2A/+2B/+3, you need a power supply that also supplies -12V which this one does not! We’re working on a version that also supplies -12V.

Offer is subject to placement errors.

ZX Spectrum +3 on photo is not included.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
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