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The Dual Floppy Drive Set

A great nostalgic add-on for any retro-computer*

  • For Shugart compatible floppy interfaces
  • Manually crafted!
  • E.g. for:
    • ZX Spectrum with PlusD, PlusDlite, Disciple or Betadisk floppy disk interface
    • Sinclair QL with Cumana, Trump or Gold card floppy disk interface
    • other machines like BBC etc, with Shugart-pinout compatible floppy disk interface
  • Including EU / UK / US / Australian power supply (the type that is needed in your country is included)

*Connects to any Shugart compatible floppy disk interface – many retrocomputers need a separate interface for that.

Read the included printed manual here.

We offer the PlusDlite floppy disk interface for the ZX Spectrum in this webshop.


Pinout is according to the Shugart standard:

– Pin 10: Drive select 0
– Pin 12: Drive select 1
– Pin 14: Drive select 2
– Pin 16: Motor on

The enclosure is not intenteded to be opened or changed.


Example: ZX Spectrum 128K with Disciple disk interface:



We have some new photos from August 2020!

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 6 cm
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6 thoughts on “Dual floppy drive set

    • It is configured to be Shugart compatible, which is not 100% compatible to IBM/PC floppy disk interfaces: there are some minor differences with drive select and motor on signals.
      However, two solutions are coming up:
      1) I’m working on a Shugart to IBM/PC adapter, which is almost finished (need to test and see if modifications are needed). This will make it possible to connect a Shugart configured drive set, to a DOS machine, or another machine with IBM/PC interface (pinout).
      2) The other solution is the new version of this drive set, which is also about to be available: this one has a new case (it took years to find this new version – only 2 case types are known to fit), which makes assembling a set way easier, and can be easily disassembled when needed. This also makes it very easy to swap out the ribbon cable with one that works with IBM/PC (pinout) interfaces.

    • The set is Shugart pinout compatible, I’m not sure if the Amiga has the same interface signals.
      I think it does: I remember people assembling a PC drive into their Amigas.
      The Dual Floppy Drive set has a 34 (2×17) pin IDC connector, so to use it as external drive for e.g. Amiga 500, you probably need an adapter.

      If there is more demand for such, I may dig into it.

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