Dual floppy drive set



The Dual Floppy Drive Set

A great nostalgic add-on for any retro-computer*

  • For Shugart compatible floppy interfaces
  • Manually crafted!
  • E.g. for:
    • ZX Spectrum with PlusD, PlusDlite, Disciple or Betadisk floppy disk interface
    • Sinclair QL with Cumana, Trump or Gold card floppy disk interface
    • other machines like BBC etc, with Shugart-pinout compatible floppy disk interface
  • Including EU / UK / US / Australian power supply (the type that is needed in your country is included)

*Connects to any Shugart compatible floppy disk interface – many retrocomputers need a separate interface for that.

Read the included printed manual here.

We offer the PlusDlite floppy disk interface for the ZX Spectrum in this webshop.


Pinout is according to the Shugart standard:

– Pin 10: Drive select 0
– Pin 12: Drive select 1
– Pin 14: Drive select 2
– Pin 16: Motor on

The enclosure is not intenteded to be opened or changed.


Example: ZX Spectrum 128K with Disciple disk interface:



We have some new photos from August 2020!

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 6 cm
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