Brand new Dual floppy drive set



We need about 3 working days for this product to produce.

The Dual Floppy Drive Set

A great nostalgic add-on for any retro-computer*

  • For Shugart compatible floppy interfaces
  • Manually crafted!
  • E.g. for PlusD, Disciple, Betadisk, QL and other machines like BBC etc.
  • Including EU / UK / US power supply (the type that is needed in your country is included)

*Connects to any Shugart compatible floppy disk interface – many retrocomputers need a separate interface for that.


Pinout is according to the Shugart standard:

– Pin 10: Drive select 0
– Pin 12: Drive select 1
– Pin 14: Drive select 2
– Pin 16: Motor on

The enclosure is not intented to be opened or changed.


Example: ZX Spectrum 128K with Disciple disk interface:


Additional information

Weight 2.45 kg
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 6 cm
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