Unrainer modification/fix for ZX Spectrum 128K ‘toastrack’ / +2 (grey model)



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Unrainer fix to solve ‘raining effect’ with all ZX Spectrum 128K toastracks / grey +2.

What is it needed for?

A lot of (often Eastern-European) games and demos show the so-called ‘raining-effect’, which is caused by a glitch in one of the parts in the ZX Spectrum 128K ‘toastrack’ and the grey ZX Spectrum +2 models (not the black +2A or +3).
See the example pictures below.

Velesoft developed an upgrade to get rid of this problem – more information can be found at: https://velesoft.speccy.cz/zx/umbrella/umbrella.htm.

The replacement ‘unrainer’ chip

These chips have been programmed and tested.

You will have to remove the current PAL or HAL chip first – some (de)soldering skills are required for that.
A 20 pin IC socket is included – this is optional: soldering the replacement chip to the mainboard is fine as well.

One wire is needed as well – it will connect to the chip and the Z80 CPU.
I will include the wire with the package and add a small manual that shows where to connect the wire.


Read the manual here (click).
It’s not included with the package to save on shipment costs, for your benefit.

Mind the orientation of the chip!

The chips notch is aimed:

  • Upwards in a toastrack
  • Downwards in a +2

See the pictures of the chip locations below.





Chip locations:

Additional information

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