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The PlusDlite

Add the fun of using floppies on a ZX Spectrum, for a truly nostalgic experience!

This product offer is without case – if you want the PlusDlite with case, click here.

The PlusDlite is based on the succesful MGT PlusD floppydisc interface.
The PlusD and it’s big brother – the Disciple floppydisc interface – were the best floppydisc interface available back then.
They were fast, had a really easy to use BASIC syntax, and were compatible with the most advanced floppydrives at the time: up to 80 track DS DD drives, with a maximum capacity of 800KB.
The PlusD also had snapshot functionality integrated, and came in a decent metal case.

The PlusDlite has:
– An integrated Kempston joystick port
– RESET button
– NMI (snapshot) button!

The PlusDlite comes with 3.5″ DD system disc, which can be used in DD and in PC (HD 1.44MB) floppydrives.

Read the manual online here!
More information can be found at the dedicated PlusDlite website; click here! also offers a very nice Dual Floppydrive set, which fits perfectly with the PlusDlite and the ZX Spectrum.

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2 thoughts on “PlusDlite floppydisc interface *without case*

  1. Would it be possible with a future revision to add a passthrough edge connector so that a ZX-HD could also be used?

    • I’m not planning on that, mainly since the ZX-HD itself has a throughput edge connector for that purpose.

      The PlusDlite is a fairly large interface, and from experience I know that adding a throughput can result in some instability issues, for example a clock signal that will start behaving as an antenna.

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