ZX Spectrum Rainbow LED case


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We need about 5 working days for this product to produce.

A Piece of Art.

This came to life in a moment of creativity.
But made available after much demand!

Comes with..

This Rainbow LED case comes with a brand new white matted replica case with white rubber feet, screws and brand new keyboard membrane (already installed).
The case and parts are brand new, and sourced from ZXRenew (RetroRadionics parts).

Also included is the manual to assemble your ZX Spectrum board (click to read the manual online).

Well thought through design

The case is completely assembled.
Only 2 soldering connections will be required to be performed by you, to connect 2 wires of the circuitry to your ZX Spectrum board of choice.
No separate power supply is needed: it takes power from the 9V input (not the 5V from the voltage regulator).

Complete set available

A complete ready to use set is also available in this webshop!


NEW! Now comes with matted case:

Completely dark environment (click for magnification):



Production process photo

This photo is of the old glossy cases (now replaced with matte ones).

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
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2 thoughts on “ZX Spectrum Rainbow LED case

    • Yes, it will fit.
      But if you want to use the RGB output, an extra hole must be drilled in the case.
      If you like that I can do that, just let me know when ordering.

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