12x Used Tested 3.5″ Double Density Floppy Disks



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3.5″ Double Density Used Floppy Disks

10 + 2 free!

Cleaned, Formatted and tested

Used 3.5″ DD disks

We offer this set of 10 + 2 free used 3.5″ double sided double density (800KB) Floppy Diskettes.
A set will contain 2 sets of 6 Floppies of the same type / brand or colour.

The floppies have been formatted and tested, and are properly cleaned: all old labels and writing are cleaned off.
A new white label is attached.

The disk have been properly tested and came out with no errors (out of about every 4 used disks we test, only 1 passes without errors).
But because these are used (old) disks, we cannot garantuee their lifetime or sensitivity to errors.

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