Harlequin 128K rev 2D *assembled* (excl. ROM)


Harlequin rev 2D -BLACK- assembled board with comprehensive manual.


The awesome -BLACK- Harlequin 128K rev 2D – assembled!

Offer is subject to placement errors.

NEW! Now with ZX Diag ROM!

(1 June 2021) The Harlequin rev 2D kits will now include a AM29F040B chip containing the ZX Diag software, and instructions how to use this ROM.
Since the AM29F040B chip is an EEPROM, you can reuse (parts of) it for any purpose, if you have a universal programmer such as the MiniPro (read more here).


The Harlequin rev 2D is a completely compatible ZX Spectrum clone, but without the ULA.
It’s built up completely of parts that can still be obtained easily.
You can build your own complete ZX Spectrum Toast Rack (clone) yourself!

The Harlequin rev 2D has stereo audio output at the right 3.5mm socket.

Package contents

This assembled board offer consists of:

  • The Harlequin rev 2D printed circuit board
  • All parts (except ZX Spectrum ROM) assembled
  • The ByteDelight complete and comprehensive 16 page DIY assembly guide to the Harlequin rev 2D


No ZX Spectrum ROM is included because of IP rights.
These are known working ROM types which can be used on this board, by configuring some jumpers:
– Original 48K ROM which will run 128K games just fine (check our webshop stock for these!)
– Original 128K Toast Rack or +2 ROM  (check our webshop stock for these!)
– 27(C)256 EPROM
– 27(C)512 EPROM
– AM29F040 EEPROM (included)

! 28C256 is incompatible with this Harlequin board ! 

You can find the ROM files online, like e.g.: http://mdfs.net/Software/Spectrum/ROMImages/ (e.g. ‘128k.rom’), but we’re not allowed to include these.

ByteDelight has a small stock of original ROMs, check out the webshop – we’re not allowed to sell (E)EPROMs with ZX Spectrum ROM.

What is needed to use this board

To use the finished Harlequin board, you will need:
– A ZX Spectrum ROM (some original ones might be available in the webshop, otherwise you can use the licence free SpectrumSE rom)
– A ZX Spectrum case with keyboard (e.g. rubber keys case or Plus case, but any other ZX Spectrum case will be fine too, like the DK’Tronics, Lo Profile or Saga)
– A TV with composite video or RGB input
– An RCA or RGB cable (RGB cable is available in the webshop)


Instead of composite video or RGB, you can now use HDMI with the ZX-HD interface (that comes including HDMI cable), found in this web shop.

Other add-ons

To make loading games easy, choose one of our DivMMC SD card interfaces, such as the PRO ONE which also has dual joystick ports!


Assembled Harlequin rev 2D with DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE interface (not included):



Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
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