DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE – *Limited ‘Moritz to the Moon’ game bundle*

Welcome to the

EXCLUSIVE LIMITED Moritz to the Moon bundle!

Includes 2 games:
Moritz to the Moon and Supermoritz
And loads of Moritz goodies!

Including 8GB SD card
Comes with pre-installed system files and some games and demos

Get more games at WorldOfSpectrum.org

Plug-and-play! No need to configure before use

Works on ANY ZX Spectrum
Play with 2 joysticks!

Moritz game bundle specifications

This bundle comes with:

  • Extra Moritz game SD card* with 2 games:
    • Moritz to the Moon (ZX Spectrum 48K compatible)
    • Bonus game: Supermoritz (ZX Spectrum 128K compatible)
  • A4 comic on high-quality paper
  • A6 card on high-quality paper
  • Tin box with print of the game
  • Pin-on button of the game

*Boot directly from the game SD card, or use it in the second SD card slot of the PRO ONE.
Comes with easy game selection menu!

Game requirements:

  • Moritz to the Moon: ZX Spectrum 48K or compatible
  • Supermoritz: ZX Spectrum 128K or compatible

Game Descriptions:



About the DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE

Is this the DivMMC EnJOY! PRO model I should take?

If you’re not sure, here are the differences between the available models (click to enlarge):

How the PRO ONE came to life..

Visit this page to read about the development of this product.

Read the manual online!

Click here.

So what’s new with the DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE?

  • Autodetection of ZX Spectrum model
  • Independent of clock signal
  • Two configurable joystick ports
  • Two SD card sockets
  • Throughput edge connector
  • Very cool ‘toastrack looking’ case
  • Compatible with the +3e ROMs

Worry-free plug-and-play

The most compatible DivMMC version ever!
Autodetection of the ZX Spectrum model: no jumper or DIP switch needs to be set to a specific machine.
The DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE doesn’t need a proper clock signal of the ZX Spectrum, making it work on each and every model!

Works perfectly with:

  • ZX Spectrum 16K / 48K – all board issues
  • ZX Spectrum 128K ‘toastrack’ – all board issues
  • Spanish Investronica ZX Spectrum 128K ‘toastrack’
  • ZX Spectrum +2 (grey model)
  • ZX Spectrum +2A / +2B
  • ZX Spectrum +3
  • ZX Spectrum +3 with +3e ROMs
  • Sparrow Lite Rev.3 with NebULA
  • Harlequin rev H
  • Harlequin rev G
  • Harlequin 128K rev 2D
  • ZX-HD HDMI interface
  • Spectra interface
  • K-Mouse Turbo 2017 low profile
  • … and more

Check out our compatibility chart for more info: https://www.bytedelight.com/?page_id=3605

2 Configurable joystick ports – bringing people together!

Play games with your kids, wife, best friend, colleague or neighbour with 2 joysticks!
The DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE has not one but two joystick ports!

Out of the box the joystick ports act as Kempston joystick and Cursor joystick.
But you have the possibility to select one of these three sets:

  • Kempston joystick + Cursor joystick
  • Sinclair 1 joystick + Sinclair 2 joystick
  • Kempston joystick + Fuller joystick

Some examples when another configuration is useful:

  • If you are using a ZX Spectrum +2A, +2B or +3 that already have Sinclair 1 and Sinclair 2 joystick ports, select Kempston joystick + Fuller joystick on the DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE, making it possible to play games with up to 4 joysticks!
  • If you are using a ZX Spectrum +2A, +2B or +3, a conflicting joystick configuration on the DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE will be automatically disabled.

If you are using another interface that has a Kempston joystick port, configure the DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE to Sinclair 1 joystick + Sinclair 2 joystick to avoid conflicting ports

Throughput edge connector

Want to add another interface to your ZX Spectrum?
The DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE has a proper throughput edge connector for any device.
And that even with these small dimensions!

Firmware updates

If you’re looking for the default SD card contents (because you lost them or so), visit this page.

If you want to update your ESXDOS version, visit this page.

Compatible with +3e ROMs

If you want to use +3 BASIC and read/write support for SD cards, you can use the +3e ROMs.
For this it is possible to disable ESXDOS but still have the SD card available.

The DivMMC EnJOY! PRO ONE comes with ESXDOS

  • FAT and FAT32 compatible – easy file transfer from PC, Mac or Linux, etc.
  • Support for various emulator formats: .TAP, .SNA, .Z80, .TRD
  • New and easy BASIC commands and many fun and useful tools
  • Create snapshots to continue a game later!
  • Direct file access to SD card with easy commands!



PlusDlite pcb coaster

What we do with spare pcbs, that we don’t use anymore?
We recycle them into coasters!

This offer is for a PlusDlite pcb coaster, with ENIG (lead-free, gold-plated) finish.
For your beer, mug, cup, or just to admire…

Back is made of colorful cork.

Recom 5V 1A DC-DC converter voltage regulator

A great top quality replacement for the 7805 5V 1A voltage regulator in ZX80, ZX81, ZX Spectrum 16K and 48K.
No heat, very power efficient.
As good as the Traco Power voltage regulators.

Pin compatible with the 7805.
Has a smaller footprint than the 7805, so fits at the location of the 7805 without any problem.
Offers the same power output as the standard 7805: 1A.

No heat, so no heatsink required.
Will increase the lifetime of your computer!

Photo shows the 7805 for reference as well:


Speccy Breadboard – Black

Many ZX Spectrum enthusiasts would like to be able to experiment a bit with I/O connected to their computer.
This is your opportunity of doing just that!
All signals of the ZX Spectrum edge connector are available for you to wire to your own selection of parts to put on the breadboard (400 pins).

Included in this kit are:

  • The assembled -black- Speccy Breadboard with edge connector, breadboard and female headers
  • A 65 piece breadboard-wire kit
  • A manual

On the board all signals that are available at the female pin headers, are printed in clear white text.


In the near future ByteDelight will offer some additional cool and fun easy project kits to interface to the ZX Spectrum, specially designed for this breadboard kit.



It’s very easy to damage the ZX Spectrum by making a mistake with the wiring.

Genius DX-110 black USB optical mouse for K-Mouse Turbo interface

Genius DX-110 black USB optical mouse

PS/2 compatible protocol, for e.g. retro (computer) equipment

Works with K-Mouse Turbo interface for the ZX Spectrum


Because this mouse will not fit in a letterbox, it has to be shipped as package, hence the increased shipments costs.

Combine shipment with other products from this webshop to save costs!

Opus Discovery maintenance kit

This refurbishment kit is not for all board revisions for the Opus Discovery!

It is often NOT EASY to replace these parts in an Opus Discovery!
More info can be found in this Opus Discovery Maintenance Manual (click).

This offer is for a set of brand new replacement parts for the Opus Discovery floppy disk system:
– 2x Vishay VS-2KBB20 bridge rectifiers
– 2x 4700uF Radial capacitors
– 2x 1uF Radial capacitors
– 2x 10uF Radial capacitors
– Printed Opus Discovery Maintenance Manual (click)

The Opus Discovery is an add-on made in 1985 for the ZX Spectrum –  read more about the Opus Discovery here.

The original bridge rectifiers assembled from factory in a Opus Discovery system, are of poor quality.
With many users their Opus Discovery failed after adding a second Floppy disk drive, because the current drawn through these Bridge Rectifiers exceeded their maximum.
Many of the original bridge rectifiers bulge, and / or have visible melted plastic.

So it’s good as preventive maintenance of your Opus Discovery, to replace these bridge rectifiers, and also the old original electrolytic capacitors.

The kit comes with a printed copy of the latest version of the Opus Discovery Maintenance Manual (click).

Check out this Facebook group for loads of information or to leave questions about the Opus Discovery: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theopusdiscoveryclub

*Inner-blue* mug + duopack Jumbo Stroopwafels

This pack will make you happy!

  • A ByteDelight mug with blue insides – safe to drink from and dishwasher proof
  • An duopack of extra-large Stroopwafels

Serving tip (stroopwafel size may vary):


ZX-HD HDMI interface + Rasperry Pi Zero – complete set


The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 is NOT yet supported!
The ZX-HD requires a Raspberry Pi Zero or Raspberry Pi Zero W
(with or without pre-soldered pin header)


Please know that we are very limited in Raspbery Pi Zero stock!
We are able to only obtain small amounts from time to time.

ZX-HD header grey

The ZX-HD: the first HDMI interface for the ZX Spectrum
– with ULAplus™!

Complete with quality 2m HDMI cable!

No soldering required!
To save on shipping, you need to finish the very easy assembly steps, described underneath

Reviews of the ZX-HD:


– Connect your ZX Spectrum to a modern TV through HDMI – no more composite video or antenna!
– No need to modify your ZX Spectrum!
– Games with 64 colours on your ZX Spectrum with ULAplus™ !
– ZX Spectrum 128 video memory support: works with any software that uses both video buffers!
– Synchronous to ULA timing – software with border and multicolour effects run as they should!
– Colours have been thoroughly calibrated to keep the unique feel of the ZX Spectrum
– Throughput edge connector for other devices*

*Since the ZX-HD is ‘fully transparent’, any other device should work fine when connected to the throughtput edge connector.
Check this compatibility chart for more information.


The ZX-HD is fully compatible with all Sinclair ZX Spectrum models:
ZX Spectrum 16K, 48K, 48K+, 128K, +2, +2A, +2B, +3, Harlequin kits and some clones.

Works great with the DivMMC EnJOY! PRO series SD card interfaces (check the webshop)!

This ZX-HD product offer includes:

– Raspbery Pi Zero
– Professionally custom 3D printed ZX-HD case with rainbow label!
– Micro SD card + SD adapter, containing the ZX-HD firmware
– Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable
– Printed manual – the latest version of the manual is found on the ZX-HD page (click)

Easy assembly

All parts needed to assemble and complete the ZX-HD are included.
The ZX-HD has been designed as an easy to assemble kit to be able to ship it in a letterbox, and save on shipping.
All you need is a small Phillips / cross-recess screwdriver, as is explained in the included manual.

Shipped with registered and insured service.


The ZX-HD has a throughput edge connector, to be able to connect another add-on:

Duopack Real Dutch Stroopwafels – the big ones!

Some people seem to like these more than their ZX Spectrum goodies 😉

If you can’t get enough of these and you’re not satisfied with the mini’s I add to orders, get some of these!